The triple-flanged design keeps plugs securely in the right place during use. Soft non-toxic material offers superior comfort. No rolling is required before insertion with proper designed finger grip stem. Finger grip stems to improve ease of insertion.

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Three Flange Silicone Earplugs

• The push-to-fit style for an easier fit
• Single size fits comfortably in most ear canals
• Proprietary, remolded, and triple-flange, which make easy insertion
• Washable and reusable earplugs


Choice of colors is limited to the number of earplugs ordered. See the chart below.
200 = Choose up to 2 colors | 600 = Choose up to 3 colors | 1000 = Choose up to 5 colors
1200 = Choose up to 6 colors | 2000 = Choose up to 8 colors

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